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Diesel Electric Locomotives & Shunting Locomotives

Reverser 6 Motor With Magnet Valve

Reverser 4 Motor With Valve

Reverser 2 Motor With Magnet Valve

Power Brake Switch

Magnet Valve Complete

E.P Cotactor Complete

F.S. Contactor

Cranking Cotactor Complete

GF Contactor Complete

Cranking Control

RFC Contactor

Fuel Pump Contactor

G.P Relay

Wheel Slip Relay

S.A Relay

Signal Relay

Ground Relay

Ground Relay Cutout Switch

Battery Isolating Switch

Voltage Regulator Current Limit Shunt

L.A. Shunt 1500 Amp.75 M.V

B.A Shunt

Blocking Rectifier (4 Diodes)

Reverse Current Diodes (RCD)2

LED Panel

Inverse Voltage Suppression Panel

Dynamic Braking Resistors Grids Without 05751030002v03&With Tap

Supporting Item of DBR

Transformer Resistance Box

Head Lamp Resistor Panel (Hlpr)15890330013v00,

Field Control Panel(FCP)

Load Control Resistor(LCR)

Generator Field Resistor(GFR)

Generator Voltage Divider Resistor

Oscillator Voltage Divider Resistor

Stabilising Resistor Pane

Braking Excitation Control Resistor (BKER)

Train Line Resistor

Parts of Master Controller

Stick Type Master Controller

All Type of Terminal Block Used In De Locos 12,8,7&2 Way Terminal Block

Insulated Bolts


Insulation Shield for Contactor

Field Shunting Resistor

Wheel Slip Relay Resistor Panel

Time Delay Relay(MTAM)

Generator Field Over Load Relay

Load Ammeter Resistor Panel

Bridge Rectifier for Neutral Grounding


Diesel Electrical Multiple Units (Demus) OHE Cars

Two Motor Reverser With Magnet Valve

Motor Contactor With Magnet Valve And Interlock

Magnet Valve for Reverser

G.P Relay

DP Latch Contactor Light

DP Latch Contactor Fan

Ground Fault Protection Panel

Master Controller

Surge Suppression Panel

Ground Relay

Excitation Contactor

Over Load Relay

ARC Box for EP Contactor

Cylinder Assembly for EP Contactor

Blow Out Coil Assembly

Shunt and Clamp Assembly

Bottom Contact Assembly

Contact Carrier Assembly

Contact Bracket

Knuckling Spring

Piston Seal

Cylinder for EP Contactor

Cylinder Cap for EP Contactor

Interlock Arm

ARC Box Support

Piston Insulation

Bottom ARCing HPRN

Top Support of EP Contactor

Insulated Support Bar

Top Contact

Trip Coil for DP Latch Contactor

Shunt for DP Latch Contactor

ARC Chute for DP Latch

Contact for DP Latch

Operating Coil for DP

Cylinder Assembly

Bridge Contact for Reverser

Interlock Assembly

Terminal and Contactor Bar Assembly of Reverser

Cylinder for Reverser

Piston Seal

Interlock Finger for Reverser


Finger Block Moulding

Power Finger for Reverser

Fixed Contact Assembly for Reverser

Fixed Contact Assembly

Contact Finger Assembly for Master Controller

Air Valve Assembly for Master Controller

Insulated Finger Bar

Accelerating Store Wheel

Top Plate of Master Controller

Totally Closed Interlock for Contactor

Interlock Finger for EP Contactor



Cover for I/L Bar


Valve for Magnet Valve of Contactor

Operating Coil for Magnet Valve

Valve Spring


Operating Coil for Reverser

Valve Stem for Reverser

Valve for Reverser

Spring of Magnet Valve of Reverser

Finger of GP Relay

NO Contact of GPR

NC Contact of GPR

Operating Coil of GP Relay

Operating Coil of Excitation Contactor

Coil for Ground Relay

Resistor for Snobber Circuit 20ohms Watt

Diode With Heat Sinl for Main Rectifier

Diode Wheel Any Type

Led Indication Panel 16 Indication

Led Indication Panel 24 Indication

Excitation Contactor In Old DEMUs Smaller Size

Heavy Duty Fuse Switch 63 Amps

Heavy Duty Fuse Switch 32 Amps

Dropper Resistor Board 2 Ohms 250 Watt Only Resistor

Dropper Resistor Board for LCC

Guard Control Switch

Driver Control Switch

Driver Control Switch Box ICF SK -7-2-270

Driver Control Switch Box Bhel DRG

Double Element Over Load Relay

Inter Lock for Motor Over Load Relay

Blocking Diode 40a 1200 V Piv Or 40hm120

Blocking Diode 60a 1200 V Piv Or 60hm120

Blocking Diode 250a 1200 V

Fuse 950v 1100

Micro Switch Type K 8a 543

Resistor 20ohms 100 Watt

Head Light Switch

Load Ammeter Shunt

Motor Cut Out Switch

Blocking Diode Pt 800\50-0-50 V 10

DC Engine Control Switch

Toggle Switch 15 Amps 250

Diode Cathode Base

Diode Anode Base


Master Controller & Its Parts

Contactor for Aux. Compressor MSOEC & Its Parts

Magnet Valve for Reverser & Its Parts

Magnet Valve for E.P Contactor & Its Parts

E.P Relay Complete(Without Magnet Valve&Interlock)

EP Contactor 22 PC (Motor Contactor) & Its Parts With Magnet Valve

DP Latch Contactor (Light)

DP Latch Contactor (Fan)

Panto Operating Valve

M.T Relay On Panel Complete

Relay CR

Relay ABR

Relay LTR

Relay ARR

Relay SR

Relay NVR

Relay RFAR

Relay TTR

Relay BBR

Relay CBAR

E.M. Contactor for Main Compressor

Earthing Switch,

Top Changer Contactor With Magnet Valve

Overload Relay PanelOLS5/OLS6

RC Unit Panel Overload Relay OL1/Ol2

Current Limit Relay

(CLR), Auxiliary Voltage Relay

Primary Overload & Earth Fault Relay Panel

Transition Resistor Case Assembly

Transition Resistor D2777

Ht Earth Links And Insulation Complete

Transformer Change Over Switch with Magnet Valve

Compressor Resistor Type B102

Permanent Field Divert Resistor

Resistor Grid for Field Divert Resistor

Isolating Switch On Panel

Resistor On Panel

6 Finger Interlock Unit Complete for Switch T1

6 Finger Interlock Unit Complete for Switch T3

6 Finger Interlock Unit Complete for Switch T4

4 Finger Interlock Unit Complete for Switch M1

4 Finger Interlock Unit Complete for Switch M4

Finger Interlock Unit Complete for Switch T9

6 Finger Interlock Unit Complete for Switch T7

4 Finger Interlock Unit Complete for Switch M3

4 Finger Interlock Unit Complete for NR2


Electric Locomotive AC 25 KV

Parts of Reverser

Parts of CTF

Parts of EP Contactor

Dynamic Braking Resistor Grids


Flexible Shunts

Load Ammeter Shunt

Shunt for of Relay

Complete Control Gears of AC/DC Locomotives

Complete Control Gears of Electric Locomotives Manufactured by BHEL Jhansi


DC EMU (Mumbai)

Single 19 Point Socket

Electrical Interlock

Triple 19 Point Socket


19 Point Plug

Traction Isolating Switch

LT Fuse Panel Assembly

No Current Relay

Motor Connection Box

Guard Control Switch Box

Resistor On Panel HT Fuse Assembly

Single Dummy Socket

Master Controller

Set & Trip Relay for MG & Compressor

Series Resistor On Panel for HTR

Control Cut Out Switch

Double Element Overload Relay

EM Contactor Type M50EC

Magnet Valve for Reverser

Time Delay Relay

Magnet Valve Type 23mv8e1

Contactor Type 22 PC

Contactor Type 15 PC11

Overload Relay for MG & Compressor

DP Latch Contactor

Pantograph Assembly

Panto Operating Valve

Current Limit Relay On Panel

Reset Element

Roof Through Box

Main Isolating Switch

Single Jumper Elbow

Triple Jumper Elbow

Triple Dummy Socket

Guard Push Button Switch Box

Mg & Compressor Resistor

Auxiliary Compressor Panel

Roof Fuse Box,

Totally Enclosed Interlock


HT Switch Group No.2

HT Switch Group No.1

Auxiliary Switch Group

Rotary Switch Pane

Main Starting Resistor


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